Parish Swap

Laclede Cable Chains: We have cable tire chains to give away. They were used a maximum of four times and should still be in good shape and look like they are still new. They fit SAE Class ā€œSā€ cars, radial and bias ply tires for the following tire sizes:

P235/50R-13; P245/50R-13; 195R-14? label not clear on this; 205R-14; P205/75R-14; P215/65R-14; P215/70R-14; P225/60R-14; P215/75R-14; P235/60R-14; P225/65R-14; 185R-15; P195/75R-15; P205/55R-15; P205/60R-15; P205/65R-15; P205/70R-15; P215/60R-15; P225/55R-15; P205/50R-16; P205/55ZR-16; P215/55R-16; P215/60ZR-16; P225/50ZR-16; P235/55R-16; P245/45ZR-16; P205/45ZR-17; P205/50ZR-17; P215/45R-17; P220/55R-390

Please contact Tom at 916-207-9866.
Free 3 ring binders of various sizes; most are white or black. All are clean and in good condition. Contact Barbara Chu at
FREE 6 daylight compact fluorescent bulbs (uses 18 watts; equivalent to 75 watt bulbs), 4 daylight compact fluorescent bulbs (uses 14 watts; equivalent to 60 watt bulbs). Contact Barbara Chu
High school German materials: textbooks, workbooks, homework, dictionary, travel materials from Germany. All used but in good condition. Free. Could be used at middle school level. Contact Barbara Chu at
Used school binders in good condition, various sizes. Contact Barbara Chu at or 650-269-7059
We have tables, wall prints with frames, silver tableware, Christmas decorations left over from a yard sale from my mother’s move that are available to St Stephen families. For photos & descriptions:
Sample items (click to enlarge):

Please contact David or Janette Vincent at 916-834-6765.
Size 7B ladies boots. Leather upper. Made by Justin Boots. Excellent condition!
Contact Janice Aranas 916-689-5661
Many 15 gallon and five gallon plastic planting pots. Also, some one gallon plastic planting pots. They are mostly black with drain holes on the bottom edges. (These are pots saved from plants purchased at garden store.)
If you would like any of these, contact Barbara Chu at
New pair of Men’s black slip on style Cole Hann dress shoes (Size 9.5). Perfect for altar serving or wearing with your best suit to Mass. They would also look great with a nice pair of jeans as part of a more casual look. If interested, contact John D. Pfeiffer at 916-548-0980 or
Two Bunk Bed Metal Frames Contact Tomoko McDonough at
Old, slow, desktop computer Contact David Vincent at 916-834-6765
Nike Air Interchangeable Baseball Cleats – black
Men’s Size 7 – but probably run 1/2 size (or so) small. Used. Old. But still quite usable. Included: New metal replacement cleats and replacement tool. Contact Amy Rutschew at
Moses basket and rocker stand. Click to view photo: Basket & Rocker Stand. Contact Annie at
Walking cane, walker, exercise pulley set Classic wooden walking cane with polished handle Folding Walker with Basket DMI Overdoor Medical Exercise Pulley Set. Contact David Vincent at 916-834-6765
Contact Sandy at
If you have something to give away, send an e-mail to: and the item will be posted to our web site.

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