The parish field was seeded on Mon, Jul 10. The field will have to remain unused for the following two weeks. (This means the field will be unavailable today, Sun, Jul 16.)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Sun, Jul 16 is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Those that wish to be enrolled may inquire at the sacristy after Mass.

Second Collection. We welcome Fr. Gabriel Augustine to the parish today. A collection will be taken up for all the missionaries that are speaking at parishes in our diocese.

Veritas will meet on Tues, Jul 18, after the 6 pm Mass; Rosary, Precious Blood devotions, and potluck dinner.

Seniors (55+) are invited to bring a lunch after the noon Mass on Thurs, Jul 18. They will meet in classroom 1.

Pig Roast. Pig Roast – Schedule. Aug 5th. 3 pm – Mass; 5 pm – Dinner; 7 pm – Square Dancing; 9 pm – Final Clean-up.

Tickets will be sold after all Masses today except the 6 pm. Those looking to volunteer could please reach out to Gloria Santana at 916-832-2811.

Do you make the best chili? Join us for the second annual Chili Cook-Off during the Pig Roast celebrations. Prizes will be awarded to 1st & 2nd place!

Rummage Sale (for the Pig Roast). Bring your new, clean, next to new, valuable, or antique items to Classroom 2. Toys, houseware, large baskets, and nice items that you no longer need or want. More expensive items will become prizes for Pig Roast, Chesterton Event or Christmas Party. No clothes, (except new), electronics, furniture, or hard to handle items. Questions? Call Mary & Mike Schaefer at 916-850-5555.

Chant Camp. Children ages 8-18 are welcome to join us Aug 9-11 for a summer chant camp at the parish. All participants will learn about good singing technique, the history and theory of Gregorian chant, and the importance of beautiful liturgy. This program is open to parishioners and non- parishioners alike. The camp will culminate with a Mass sung by all participants at 12 pm on Fri, Aug 11. To register, please visit or request a registration form in the bookstore.

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