The parish field is much recovered. I am very grateful to Eric Reslock who worked very hard with Mike Solton to bring the grass back from the brink. There is a lot of new growth that is still quite vulnerable, however, so I would like people to continue to stay off the grass until the Pig Roast. The cones and tables will remain in place until then as a reminder.
Confirmations 2024. Registration is now open for classes for children of the parish who will be 12 years of age by June 1, 2024. Classes will begin on Sun, Sept 3, 2023. In order to register, you must have a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate. Please pick up forms in the bookstore. The deadline for turning in registration forms is Sun, Aug 27.
NB. Children enrolled in catechism classes must belong to families that are parishioners and regularly attend the parish. This is for the benefit of the enrolled children: limiting class sizes to something reasonable and also giving an opportunity for the children to make Catholic friends that will continue to be a part of their parish life during adolescence.
Girls’ groups are now accepting registration for the upcoming 2023 – 2024 session. Forms will be available in the bookstore or parish office; they are due very soon – Tues, Aug 15. For questions, please contact the respective leader.
Little Flowers Girls Group, Ages 4 – 8. First Saturday Mass at 8:30 am, followed by a spiritual talk by Fr. Schwab, then a snack and crafts. Registration fee is $25 for the first child and $15 for each sibling. Participation by a parent is required. Forms for early registration can be obtained in the parish bookstore. Deadline for signing up is Aug 15. Leader: Megan Gury at 916-584-6018.
Rosa Mystica Girls’ Society, Ages 9 – 13. First Saturday Mass at 8:30 am, followed by a spiritual talk by Fr. Curtis, snack time, jump rope, and learning skills, such as sewing, knitting, or crochet. Our works are donated to needy moms. The registration fee is $25; participation by a parent is required. Forms for early registration can be obtained in the parish bookstore. The deadline for signing up is Aug 15. Leader: Sue McGrath at 916-531-3946.

Sodality of the Blessed Virgin MaryAges 14 – 18. Our Lady’s Sodality is an opportunity for young ladies to grow spiritually and practically under the patronage of our Blessed Mother. First Saturday Mass at 8:30 am, followed by a spiritual talk by Fr. McWhirter, and then spiritual reading and discussion. Leader: Miss Amy Rutschow at 916-340- 5782.

First Friday First Saturday fall this week.
Pig Roast. Pig Roast – Schedule. Aug 5th. 3 pm – Mass; 5 pm – Dinner; 7 pm – Square Dancing; 9 pm – Final Clean-up.

Tickets will be sold after all Masses today except the 6 pm.

Do you make the best chili? Join us for the second annual Chili Cook-Off during the Pig Roast celebrations. Prizes will be awarded to 1st & 2nd place!

Rummage Sale (for the Pig Roast). Bring your new, clean, next to new, valuable, or antique items to Classroom 2. Toys, houseware, large baskets, and nice items that you no longer need or want. More expensive items will become prizes for Pig Roast, Chesterton Event or Christmas Party. No clothes, (except new), electronics, furniture, or hard to handle items. Questions? Call Mary & Mike Schaefer at 916-850-5555.

There is still time to donate if you are interested. We have quite a few very nice items this year; be sure to stop by during the pig roast to investigate! We will also have a raffle sale; you need not be present in order to win.

Chant Camp. Children ages 8-18 are welcome to join us Aug 9-11 for a summer chant camp at the parish. All participants will learn about good singing technique, the history and theory of Gregorian chant, and the importance of beautiful liturgy. This program is open to parishioners and non- parishioners alike. The camp will culminate with a Mass sung by all participants at 12 pm on Fri, Aug 11. To register, please visit or request a registration form in the bookstore.

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