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What is the distinction between the Mass of the Catechumens and the Mass of the Faithful and when did non-Catholics begin to be permitted to attend the latter?

The distinction between these two arises from both a practical and a theological consideration in the early Church. On the practical side, the belief of early Christians was often and easily misunderstood; one of the common attacks against them especially in the second century was that they practiced cannibalism. As an aside, it is relevant to note that the apologists of this time – in meeting such attacks – qualified, rather than denied, what was meant by eating and drinking the Body and Blood of Our Lord! On the theological side, there has always been a deep reverence for the mysteries of the faith, which has shied away from exposing them to the misunderstanding or even contempt of the world. This reverence persists in various ways: in the West, examples include the silence of the Roman Canon and even, outside of the Mass of the Faithful, of the greater part of the Pater Noster; in the East, we can point to the iconostasis, a beautiful wall adorned with icons that veils the entirety of the sanctuary.

Both parts of the Mass take their name from the dismissal that occurred at their conclusions: the catechumens would have been dismissed by the deacon after the sermon; the faithful by the priest after the Holy Eucharist. In the West, the dismissal of catechumens after the sermon seems to have been dropped by the early middle ages (ninth century) as society slowly became Christianized in general, but this first part of the Mass still takes its name from this ancient practice.


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