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Our collection of pseudo-donated items has overgrown our ability to store it all! Do please sort through the lost and found today to see if you can identify any items you might be missing. Next Sunday, September 4, will be the last opportunity to do so; following that, I will be asking someone to take the remaining items to a charity.

On that topic, please make sure your hand missals are labelled on the inside cover! It seems to be about 50/50 when we find missals left behind, as to whether or not there is anything to identify ownership.


You may have noticed the new sideboard in our vestibule. This attractive piece of furniture was donated by parishioners who were leaving the state. Please pray for them and for all of our benefactors!


New lights have been installed near the classrooms to improve the setting and security of the campus. The electrician will return on Monday to complete the work, replacing the current lights under the breezeway between the classrooms and bookstore. The former structures being replaced are falling apart and have begun to become the homes of birds, insects, and debris.


We have contracted with a fencing company to replace the section of wood fence that stretches from the gate to the rectory driveway, down towards 44th Street, terminating at the iron fence there. The new fence will be eight foot board on board, very similar to the current structure. But it will have steel posts for more longevity.

The current fence was damaged by a parishioner driving into it, which prompted the renewal of this project, which I had investigated last year but delayed – because at that time the cost of lumber was astronomical. Another parishioner put us in touch with a reputable fencing contractor, who made a very reasonable bid, so we have decided to go forward with the work now. The current fence is suffering from dry rot, is leaning over in several areas, and is nearly open to our neighbors’ property in some places.

The work should begin in about eight to ten weeks or so.


We have installed a mini-split AC which should keep parishioners cooler in the bookstore. We also took the opportunity to bring some of the electrical running to the bookstore up to code.

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