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April 2 – 8

Palm Sunday. Normal schedule. Procession Mass at 1 pm.

Palm Sunday recognizes Our Lord’s kingship particularly in his Sacred Passion, during the recital of which the faithful hold aloft the blessed palms. The palms enjoy one of the longest sacramental blessings of any blessed item and are one of the few sacred items blessed in the context of the Mass itself. The faithful carry them home and place them with devotion behind the crucifix – perpetual reminder that Our Lord “reigns from the wood”. For those attending earlier Masses on Palm Sunday, palms will be available throughout the rest of Holy Week.

Monday to Wednesday. Normal schedule.
The Passions according to St. Mark & St. Luke are recited during Mass on Tuesday & Wednesday, respectively.

Holy Thursday. Tenebrae at 8 am. Confessions at 11:30 am. Mass at 6 pm. All night vigil of the Blessed Sacrament begins after Mass.

Holy Thursday commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood, as well as Our Lord’s agony in the garden. The faithful are invited after Mass to “spend one hour” with him. The altar of repose will be available all night and into the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified on Friday. Men from the security team will keep watch over the property overnight in order to maintain a safe environment for those coming to visit Our Lord.

Good Friday. Tenebrae at 8 am. Confessions at 11:30 am. Stations of the Cross at noon. Mass of the Presanctified at 1 pm. A collection for the Holy Land is taken during the Mass.

Good Friday commemorates the Passion & Death of Our Lord. Holy Communion is not received on this day as the faithful enter into the mystery of the loss of Our Lord at his death.

Holy Saturday. No Tenebrae (preparation rites for adult converts will be taking place in the morning). Vigil Mass at 4 pm.

On Holy Saturday we keep vigil at the tomb of Our Lord, with the same sentiments of sorrow and hope embraced by Our Lady as she awaited the Resurrection.


Please make every effort to make yours early in the week! Confessions will be very limited during the Triduum.


I remind everyone not to reserve seats during the Triduum ceremonies. It is one thing to have a family member take some of the younger children outside beforehand, but quite another to leave whole pews reserved by nothing more than clothing and hand missals, which is very demoralizing to just about everyone else.


We are very grateful to DK Iron for their work and especially for shifting their schedule around to expedite the project for us. They also did the gate on the rectory fence and the new fence around the parish hall HVAC equipment.

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