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These camps are scheduled for Jun 11 to 17 (Sun to Sat), and Jun 17 to Jun 23 (Sat to Fri), respectively. Camp Sacred Heart is for the boys, whereas Camp Immaculate Heart will be for the girls. Please note the dates on your calendars. The dates are arranged such that families that have both boys and girls attending will be able to pick up the boys on Sat, Jun 17 and at the same time drop off the girls.

Ages for both camps: 10 – 18. A nine year old may be considered for Camp Sacred Heart, space permitting and if accompanied by his father.

Chaplains: Fr Curtis will lead Camp Sacred Heart; Fr McWhirter will lead Camp Immaculate Heart.

Sisters & Seminarians: We will have three seminarians for Camp Sacred Heart and four sisters from the FLM community at Camp Immaculate Heart.

Cost: The camp will be $250 for the first child in a family, $200 for the second, $150 for the third, etc. Scholarships will be available for families for whom the registration fee constitutes a financial burden.

Registration: Available in the parish bookstore and office. Please get your registrations in early to secure a spot on the camp! They will be due on Sun, May 28.

P.S. We anticipate at least eighty boys and sixty girls signing up for camp. Outside of some very narrow circumstances (families that used to belong to our parish but have moved away from Sacramento, families that attend Mass elsewhere but are well known to a priest that is well known to me), I am not taking children from outside the parish.

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