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Leave correction in matters of dress to the discretion of the priests.

Warm summer weather being upon us, I remind all parishioners that shorts and other casual clothing are – under normal circumstances – not appropriate dress for participation in the Holy Mass. I invite the men in the parish to lead the way by wearing slacks and (ideally) a collared shirt, and I encourage them on Sundays to wear a tie. Skirts on women should touch the floor when kneeling and fall over the knees while seated; low cut blouses are to be altogether avoided. The so-called “skinny jeans”, whether for men or for women, are not appropriate attire for Church (or ever, really).

Appropriate Sunday attire is a tremendous aid to everyone in the community. It is a reminder of the great dignity of the human body and, ultimately, the human person; it recollects the sublime value of the Holy Mass; it gives instruction – even to small children – that the Mass is outside and above the normal experience of our lives. Parents have a serious duty to see that their children dress in a manner consistent with their dignity at all times, but most especially at the Holy Mass; and I remind older youth of their obligation to provide good example to the young children of the parish.

I exhort everyone above all to the observance of charity. If I have not charity, St. Paul reminds us, I have nothing. This column is by no means an invitation to establish a purity hierarchy among parishioners. It is not an invitation to snide remarks, detraction and gossip, or even kindly intentioned advice – which nearly always falls short of the mark and often does far more harm than good. Sadly, women tend to be both the victims and the perpetrators in such a dynamic. Therefore, if you have a concern regarding modesty, please bring it to the attention of the priests and allow the priests to choose when and how to deal with it.

You, therefore, who so piously clothe the altar and dwelling of Jesus Christ, never forget that you carry God in you by the grace which clothes your soul; do not forget that this divine presence makes, not only of your soul, but also of your body, a holy temple. – Pope Pius XII


I encourage all parishioners to reach out to family members, friends, and co-workers that might be interested in learning about the Catholic faith. Our first class is Thursday, August 10 at 7 pm. Those interested in registering or in the full schedule can contact me by e-mail at

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