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The last few months have witnessed quite a lot of repair and maintenance work to various area of the parish and a few small improvements:

Soledad Residence: New garden planters were installed for Fr. Evaristus. Drain rock was laid around the south and east fence lines. A garage rafter was reinforced with a metal brace, fixing the sagging roof. A mini-split was installed in the garage, thanks to a generous benefactor.

Rectory: Insulation was blown into the attic, significantly reducing the power bill (prior insulation was only about one to two inches thick). Several drawers were repaired. An old piece of furniture was repaired and restored. The ladders, that had been stacked on sawhorses, were mounted on the fence. The entire area behind the rectory was cleaned up, the land regraded, drain rock put down, and a water drain installed. The front yard of the rectory had two garden planters installed for Fr. Evaristus, surrounded by drain rock. The window unit in the garage suite was removed and replaced with a window; a minisplit was installed in its place, again thanks to a benefactor. Some stairs in the rectory were refinished. The kitchen floors were repaired; many areas in the kitchen and a bathroom were re-caulked. Some water damage was repaired and the cause corrected. Thresholds were installed between the kitchen and adjoining areas.

Parish hall: Broken tiles were replaced on the roof, and the entire roof was scrubbed of moss. The western gutter was repaired and re-attached to the roof.
Maintenance room and mower garage: New LED lighting was installed. A drawer was repaired. A door handle and lock failed and were replaced. The mower garage was thoroughly cleaned and organized.
Bookstore: The window unit was removed and replaced with a wood panel. The electrical conduit that had fed the windows unit was removed from the roof, and the holes left behind were patched. The circuit was daisy chained off one of the main AC disconnects; this was resolved.
Grounds: Several downspouts were repaired. A hole in the exterior wall near the playground was patched. The gate near the classrooms was re-worked to prevent trash from accumulating behind it. The concrete was thoroughly scrubbed and power washed. The rear wall of the classrooms was scrubbed.
Classrooms: An electrical outlet was run to Classroom 1 to facilitate Sunday hospitality.
Plumbing: Several toilets and sinks were repaired. The sacristy faucet was replaced with one that can more readily reach the sacrarium. Many sprinklers were repaired and the sprinkler control system was replaced. The sprinklers were carefully labeled at their valve shut-offs and on a map diagram.
Sacristy: Vestment drawers were repaired. Margins were installed in the alb closets to keep linens from catching in the doors.
HVAC: Sanctuary minisplit circuit board was replaced, as well as the pump. Other smaller repairs were done on other units around the property.
Sound system: The amp to the vestibule speakers was replaced.
This is what I remember! Many thanks to the benefactors of the parish and also to the parishioner contractors, who often donated some or all of their labor.

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